Bespoke Cinemas

Diamond The best immersive visual and cinematic experience possible within your space with the state of the art video and audio equipment
Emerald Superb custom cinema with 32 speakers immersive 3D audio
Sapphire An amazing 4k Dolby atomos 16 channels cinema

Rooms and Spaces

Discrete Cinemas Smaller immersive Cinemas for multi use rooms, concealed or subtly merging with room design
Media Rooms Rooms with high quality TV displays and music

Lights and Shades

Lighting design Highlight and enhance your home with sophisticated yet simple to use Lutron lighting
Precision shades and curtains Precisely manage the light and atmosphere of your home at the touch of a button


Rooms for Listening Experience music as you have never before. 2 channel audiophile & vinyl
Multi-room Your music available in every space at high quality

Connected home

WiFi and Internet Always be connected to your WiFi. Detailed design and instillation of Wife, internet and IT infrastructure
CCTV and Security Monitor your home from anywhere, with security alerts, intercom and door entry with one simple interface
Aircon and Heating control your environment from anywhere using our app